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PenInput - recognizes handwriting
The InfoBar - makes help available
BeHalma - the classic board game
TankGame - ballistic shooting game
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Welcome to Tools4b

About us

"Tools 4b" offers a collection of programs that are designed to be both simple and powerful. All of these tools will run exclusively on BeOS.
Currently we're two students working on the projects (Jens Tinz & Rüdiger Klaehn).

Our tools

PenInput 1.0b8 (3/30/2000)
Recognizes handwriting on the fly and simulates it as keyboard input.

InfoBar 1.2.6 (2/15/2000)
A tool for providing interactive help.

MediaSerializer 1.0 (4/04/2000)
Gets the MediaPlayer to play stuff in sequence.

And our toys

TankGame 2.2.2 (5/04/2000)
Ballistic shooting - a game classic.

BeHalma 1.0rc3/2 (2/15/2000)
The classic board game - comes with a tough computer player.